How Practicing Yoga Can More Deeply Connect Your Body and Mind

Posted by Chantae Hendrix

Video on the benefits of practicing yoga by Chantae Hendrix

More people are practicing yoga to create mobility and awaken the stagnation within their bodies.

According to Newtons First Law of Motion, “A body in motion stays in motion.”

Yoga practitioners and teachers discover yoga for different reasons. Whether it be mental, physical or emotional, stress can show up in many forms. From dealing with the loss of loved ones, breakups, weight struggles, injuries, physiological challenges, physical demands and more, they have found a way to channel the negative adrenaline through practicing yoga.

Experts, Amy Whiting and Johnny Amato weigh in on how the Physical practice translates into a response vs react mode and helps humans face daily unforeseen circumstances in a more conducive manner.

Yoga Instructor & Hot on Yoga Studio Co-Owner, Johnny Amato demonstrates Triangle Pose at the Winter Garden FL Studio. Photo by Chantae Hendrix

According to the Sage Research Journals, “Yoga causes change by regulating the autonomic nervous system, neurotransmitters and hormone levels.”

Practicing yoga reminds the brain the importance of practicing calmness through breathing and remaining present. Otherwise, when constantly thinking of what’s passed and what’s to come, and subconsciously holding the breath, this activates the sympathetic nervous system. The mind then becomes overwhelmed, creates anxiety and causes unnecessary stress on the body.

Practicing yoga is a therapeutic way of life. When dealing with the daily nuances of life, this lifelong practice provides pathways for people to overcome mental challenges, rebalance the physical body and respond with a more-centered state of mind. It also provides what traditional exercise cannot. Yoga can be practiced in the privacy and comfort of home. A few simple stretches, and or a daily-focused breathing routine can significantly impact one’s mood.

Erin Crosby, 37, resident and HS math teacher of Windermere Fla, describes yoga as a breath of fresh air. “Try it,” Give it a whirl,” says Erin. As a person that struggles with weight, stands for long periods of time, and deals with the stress of teaching teenagers, Erin is reaping the benefits of yoga.

Yoga student, Erin Crosby receives an adjustment from Yoga Teacher Diana Wenrich during “Seated Spinal Twisting.” Photo by Chantae Hendrix

Yoga is the gateway to the mind and body connection. There are a variety of styles tailored to fit individual needs. It is accessible for every type of body. There are no height, weight, age, fitness or status quo requirements. The beauty of yoga, it is a way of life that provides keys to longevity.

There is Trauma Conscious Yoga for victims of abuse; Yin Yoga to increase flexibility; Bikram Yogato stretch and strengthen the muscles, Vinyasa styles for a more rigorous workout to build overall core strength and many, many others.

A year and a half after taking that first class, Erin says, “Yoga is an amazing form of exercise that helps strengthen, stretch, de-stress the body, focus and decompress the mind.” Also, as someone that struggles with seasonal allergies, my lung and breathing capacity have increased and my seasonal allergy symptoms have decreased significantly,” says Crosby.

“Breath controls the mind and heart. Breath is your life force. As human beings we need to take a deep breath and slow things down,” Amato says. It’s all about mindfulness. It is about calming the mind, finding peace and finding health within the body.

Diana Wenrich, 37, retired middle-school teacher (12 years), a long-distance runner and resident of Winter Garden Fla. says, “You just have to be open to it.” “I tried yoga after the age of 30.” Practicing yoga has allowed my muscles to be less tight from running.” “It also shows me how to counteract my intensity, gain better mental clarity and maintain emotional stability,” says Wenrich.

Yoga Teacher, Diana Wenrich at Hot On Yoga Studio in Winter Garden FL.
Photo by Chantae Hendrix

Although running is Diana’s first love, she also is a certified Bikram, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher. She teaches at One Yoga and Fitness in Clermont and at Hot on Yoga in Winter Garden Fla. Both young and old, Wenrich has taught both. “Flexibility is not required,” says Diana.

Flexibility and perceived associations with religion are misconceptions for those reluctant to try yoga. It truly is not a religion nor is it about the body types, fancy clothes or advanced postures. It is not competitive, nor is it superficial. The Yoga Community accepts you as you are.

Registered Yoga Teacher and Resident of Winter Garden FL, Nick Russo says “Yoga not only helped me face many challenges growing up in an abusive environment, it also helped me build physical strength and gave me a fit body.”

In the video, subject matter expert, Manager of Hot on Yoga and RYT (8 years) Amy Whiting explains how yoga is rooted very deeply in anatomy and physiology. “Whatever it is, everyone can do yoga. There are no prerequisites, all you need is an open mind,” Amy says.

Amy found yoga following a bad break-up. “I chose to do something for myself.” Practicing yoga led to teaching it. “Yoga is tied to the belief that you are capable,” says Whiting.

Amy Whiting, Yoga Instructor and Manager of the Hot On Yoga Studio in Winter Garden FL. She is demonstrating phase 2 of “Awkward Series.” This posture strengthens the arches in the feet. Photo by Chantae Hendrix

Owner of Hot On Yoga and RYT Johnny Amato (10 years) says “Yoga has changed my life.” Life comes at us a million miles a minute, yoga helped me stop and take a deep breath. For beginners, “I suggest do not attach any type of expectations to a class.” “Go in with a clear mind and do what you can do.” “It’s about making a clear choice,” says Amato.

According to Marilyn Barnett, the Author of Hot Yoga, Energizing, Rejuvenating, Healing and Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor, practical application has shown, as the body begins to function more efficiently, the better we begin to feel. The great control and concentration each posture demands ensure that we slow down and experience inherent calmness. After yoga practice we feel great and suddenly have a new awareness and clarity of thought. We see and respond to life differently.

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The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, part of the National Institutes of Health, says in reports released that more than 30% of US adults and about 12% of children use “healthcare approaches that are not typically part of conventional medical care or that may have origins outside of usual Western practices.”

In a review of 13 randomized control studies on the effectiveness of yoga, 10 yielded significant positive results for the reduction of psychiatric illnesses, including schizophrenia, depression, and PTSD.

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