About Me

Chantae Hendrix

My name is Chantae Hendrix. I am an independent multi-media Journalist and Producer with a unique aptitude to determine and deliver quality output on the best structure and platform for the intended audience. I have a passion for digital editing and truly enjoy seeing the finished product.

I have a very diverse skillet and possess an active and effective working knowledge of the Adobe Premiere and  iMovie video editing software tools.  I am a creative writer and have an art for story-telling through visual media. 

I currently reside in Champions Gate Florida. I am a brand in the making and my clients have been very pleased with my videography and digital editing skills.

I expanded my knowledge-base and diversified my portfolio while earning a Master of Arts degree in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University

Screenshot from Virtual Graduation Ceremony by Full Sail University

About the site

On this website, you can expect to find quality multi-media elements, including written narratives, video, and voice narration components, that showcases small businesses, individuals, fitness events and yoga.

I am here to service your digital editing and videography needs. Let me help you tell your story.

E-mail: hendrix@uncutmultimedia.com or Chantae.Writes@gmail.com

Find me on Facebook @HendrixChantae

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/chantaehendrix/

Twitter @ChantaeHendrix