This used to be my playground.

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Beautiful morning at Dad’s house July 2020

Ahhh!!!! I miss those days sitting on the front porch, first thing in the morning.

Neighboring Woods Hubbard OH July 2020

Such beautiful scenery in Trumbull County.

Street View Hometown Neighborhood July2020

There’s no place like home. Thank you, Hubbard OH for so many fond childhood memories. Neighborhood volleyball games, tree climbing, snow sledding, board games and flashlight tag.

Main Street Hubbard OH July 2020

I’ve learned that we should take photos of streets because the view will eventually change. A lot has changed since growing up here. As I recall there used to be a privately owned pharmacy at this intersection.

Hubbard Football and track stadium July 2020

I have so many great memories running laps around that track. Of course now, the track is part of the soccer field in front of the Hubbard Schools

Pizza Works Hubbard OH July 2020

Oh , and Pizza Works, Love their calzones, and pepperoni, sausage & extra cheese pizza.

One of my hometown favorites. July 2020

Look forward to eating @pizzaworks every time I come home.

Newer Track and Soccer Stadium

I enjoy taking walks at the Hubbard Track too.

Harding Park Hubbard OH July 2020

Spent many days playing HCYL softball, watching baseball games, and having picnics here.

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