Every “body” can benefit from yoga.

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Photo:Amy Lynn Hager by Chantae Hendrix

Yoga Instructor, Health Consultant, Author of Health Through Fruit and Business Owner of,  Self-Healing Inspiration, Amy Hager, shares her takeaways, and how every body can benefit from yoga. 

Amy recalls her first-time practicing yoga. She says “I was a workout junkie at the time, and it wasn’t burning enough calories for me, and so I had the hardest time finding stillness.” “It’s probably because I was always racing in my mind.” So, for me to sit still, and to go through a class at the gym, I was ready to get on that treadmill and ready to burn 800 calories now,” she says. 

Hager also says, “actually when I did take my first professional class at a studio, I took my first hot yoga class and it was really hard.” I think I probably burned more calories than I ever had running on the treadmill within an hour.” “It worked my whole body in different ways that I didn’t know were possible,” she says. 

Amy says her inspiration to learn how to teach yoga occurred when she was a stay at home mom. Hager says, “I thought, what the heck do I want to do with my life.”  “I was also going through a mid-life crisis, and a divorce, she says.”  “I happened to walk through this place (One Yoga & Fitness Studio) as my life was crumbling down in shambles.”  Somehow, I found my mentor here.” “Her name is Gina Keefe  and she helped prop me back up.”  “Gina and the yoga teacher training just emotionally grounded me in ways that I desperately needed to be grounded,” she says.  

In conclusion, Amy says, “everybody needs to get their booty’s into a yoga class as soon as possible.” She says, “I see people hunched with poor posture, I see their knees locked in, the feet of their arches are falling because their feet have atrophy from being cradled in soft shoes.” Hager adds, “just to realign their skeletal structure to help open up the fascia tissue to help people get their movement back.” She further clarifies, by saying “right now their bodies are locked down, they are literally constricted.” 

According to an article published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, “In a randomized controlled trial among 118 men and women 60 years and older with kyphosis greater or equal to 40°, participation in a modified classical yoga practice 3 days a week for 24 weeks resulted in a 5% improvement in kyphosis index.” 

Hager says, “Yoga frees up your body.” “Like the saying, you hold your issues within your tissues, you will notice a lot of emotions will start to come out as you stretch your body open a little bit further,” she says. 

For more information or to connect with Amy Hager, please visit selfhealinginspiration.com

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