He didn’t realize he was broken

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He found his niche through Yoga. It provided him an eagerness to help others.

Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Nick Russo discovered yoga approximately two and half decades ago. First introduced to Hot Yoga commonly referred to as Bikram. Nick says “I am intrigued by the health and physical benefits. Practicing yoga has given me a positive attitude, a toned body and an eagerness to help others.”

“Practicing yoga has been invaluable, it has been very healing.  It has stopped my racing mind. It allowed me to find mindfulness. Yoga helped ground me.  Growing up, being the product of an alcoholic mother, I was faced with many unique challenges.  I didn’t realize that I was broken,” says Russo. 

According to a Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs published in the National Institutes of Health, by Rutgers University “Research indicates that children of alcoholics (COAs) are at increased risk for a variety of negative outcomes, including substance abuse, antisocial behavior, and mood disorders.”

Overcoming adversities, weighing in on the healing benefits, and paying it forward, Nick earned his yoga teacher certification in 2015 and now teaches daily, five to ten classes per week. Certified by the Yoga Alliance Network, Russo is certified to teach all forms of Hatha and Trauma Conscious Yoga. 

Nick teaches at the Hot on Yoga Studio in Winter Garden and for Kula for Karma at the Orlando Recovery Center in Orlando. It was through a close friend, Alberta NLM, that Nick discovered the Kula for Karma organization. In addition to providing therapeutic yoga for recovery clients, serving as a faculty member with Kula for Karma, Russo trains trauma conscious yoga to new teachers. “I provide them with the tools for best practices when guiding clients towards recovery. In September 2019, I recently completed a teacher training for 30 students at Studio 108 in Tampa. We spoke a lot about mental health. It was eye opening and a life changing experience,” says Nick.

“The truth is, yoga is for everybody, flexible or not. It’s about calming the mind and finding peace and health within the body. I would call this functional yoga,” says Nick.

Yoga is available to all people. It is simply for everybody. Begin from where you are. Find a Studio that you connect with. Have an open mind whether it be for health or recovery. Just be. 

“It helped me find balance, physical and mental strength,” says Nick.

For additional information e-mail yogawithnick@yahoo.com

Find on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/yogawithnick/ 

Connect via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickrussorealtor/

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