Yoga May Provide What Traditional Exercise Cannot

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Yoga brings about positive changes and checks in with the sedentary residents that have rented space within the mind and body. Deaf, blind, stressed, disabled, regardless of trauma or condition, with the many different forms available, yoga truly is accessible to anyone. 

Practicing yoga serves as a vital tool to get the body back into motion or into a range of motion. Yoga releases the tension within the body and promotes longevity of the muscles and joints. There isn’t one way to define yoga because it is very individualistic and takes on many forms’ contingent upon receptivity. 

The beauty of yoga is that individuals discover the form of practice that tailors to their needs. For example, there’s Yin to gain flexibility, Chair to provide support while performing the various asanas, and Hot yoga to allow for deeper lengthening of the muscles. These are just a few of the many.  

Practicing a physical form of yoga on a regular basis will promote joint mobility, muscle strength and flexibility.  Movement through yoga, promotes better alignment and gets that fresh oxygenated blood flowing through the body.  Many practitioners find relief from both physical and or emotional forms of trauma including herniated discs, sciatica, addictions, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc. 

The National Institutes of Health, studies show “National survey data from 2012 showed that 94 percent of adults who practiced yoga did it for wellness-related reasons, while 17.5 percent did it to treat a specific health condition.” 

Yoga is affordable to anyone. In several communities, free classes are offered through various organizations such as Kula for Karma. Kula for Karma promotes healing in the form of trauma informed yoga.  Often, most yoga studios will offer a free class to first time students. And, there are several mobile instructors that will offer in home fee for services, guidance and free or donation-based yoga in the park.  

Yoga is not a one and done. There are too many unique benefits to name them all. It is an investment and lifetime commitment in ones-self.   Practicing Yoga helps to quiet the negative chatter and reminds the conscious mind to focus and practice presence.  It breaks down barriers and helps people to overcome self -inflicted limitations.  

Try a few Sun Salutations first thing in the morning to get some energy flowing through the body. It’s not about the fancy clothes, or the lack of flexibility, it’s about self-love, and self-care for the individual mind and body.  Yoga gets the body moving and makes the connection. Lay aside the excuses, discover and experience the benefits of yoga. 

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