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FCE Corporate Headquarters/ Longwood FL Nov 10, 2019/Chantae Hendrix

The Local Residents Make it Happen

On November 10, 2019, the Feeding Children Everywhere Non-Profit organization hosted a volunteer event for the Orlando Community Hunger Project.

At their corporate headquarters in Longwood FL, with sixteen tables and five staggered shifts, volunteers of all ages arrived as early as 10am and packaged approximately 22,000 meals for the Full Cart Program. Today’s meal type consisted of mashed potatoes and Himalayan salt. The organization had the shifts staggered from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm in one-hour increments to allow for multiple people to participate and to allow for restocking and clean up in between. The overall goal for today was 125,000 meals.

Traveling Supervisor, Raven Troyner says, “we fund the community projects, because it funds our full cart program.” That’s why we do community projects here she says. “We have volunteers come in and package the meals, and we fund all the meals for Full Cart.”

Troyner also says, “mainly, Feeding Children Everywhere will go into businesses upon request.” Raven explained, “through contact with the Director of the Hunger Project Operations, Amanda Weber, she will plan and coordinate every detail including the budget and logistical needs with the business event coordinators.”  Raven also said that businesses can opt to bring their employees to the Longwood location to package meals.

Amongst the many other projects, Feeding Children Everywhere announced the launch of the new grocery kit delivery service known as Full Cart in August 2018.  According to their website, Full cart was designed to provide “the best value in grocery and meal kit delivery.” “Due to an almost depleted inventory of Full Cart Kits, today’s volunteer event was hosted onsite at the Feeding Children Everywhere Corporate Headquarters” says Raven.

The next hunger project is scheduled for November 11 in Longwood.

A full list of upcoming meal packing events hosted by Feeding Children Everywhere can be found here.

Also, if interested in hosting a hunger project at your place of business, please visit their website at  Feeding Children Everywhere.

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