Ride for Life -Give it a Try

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The Fort DeSoto Triathlon, St Petersburg FL July 13, 2019

Roy Pittman, 56, founder and co-owner of Purple Crank, and resident of Davenport Florida, says he participates in duathlons to challenge himself to stay as fit as possible. 

He’s been participating in duathlons for about 10 months. He says, the benefits of participating, are that you get to meet a bunch of people that are doing the same thing as you are, and everyone is facing the same test each time; it’s really you against the clock.

Pittman says, his routine for keeping in shape to prepare for these duathlons includes running 30 and cycling about 100 miles each per week.

As advice to encourage others, Pittman says, just get out there and give it a try, once you do you will be hooked.

According to the Statista website amongst the people in the United States, aged six years and older, the number of participants in triathlons amounted to approximately 4.04 million in 2017.

Representing Team Purple Crank, in today’s duathlon Roy Pittman finished 3rd in his age group and 36th place overall out of a total of 63 participants. He says the humidity and the running part on the beach were the most challenging things about today’s event.   

Following completion, Pittman says, a little hot, but mostly I feel good. To recover, I take in lots of fluids, stretch as much as possible and of course some protein.

Also, in 2014, Roy Pittman and his wife Darlene started a business titled Purple Crank.   The mission of Purple Crank is to just give back to the community and inspire as many people as they can to get outside and cycle and ride and enjoy the great outdoors.

We plan to sponsor many different events. We are working on our website and soon will be able to sell our Purple Crank apparel which we are designing ourselves online he says.

The Fort DeSoto Duathlon, scheduled for August 3, 2019 is the next planned event for Pittman and Team Purple Crank.

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